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Design abilities for your game within minutes ! 

Easy and flexible, Abilities
puts the control back in the hands of the designer.



Unleash your creativity

Powerful Ability inspector

For game designers.

Simple to use to use, yet completely customizable. In a few clicks, create the abilities that YOU imagined.

Abilities has been made for designers to empower them to experiment with abilities without code.

Create melee abilities, missiles, explosions and more. Control every details to make them your own!

Key features:

  • Targeting system

  • Filters

  • Conditions & requirements

  • Effects

  • Projectiles & Impact

Ability Inspector 2 .png
Animation Inspector.JPG
Synchronized execution

Intuitive inspector

Use reactive gesture to synchronize your animations with custom game logic, sound and visual effects effortlessly with our intuitive inspector.

Store your data directly with the animation, no more fiddling with animation events, no need for custom behavior on your animator anymore! Easy and simple.

Projectiles & impacts

Unleash your creativity

Create arbitrary complex abilities using projectiles and explosion, triggering chain reaction !

Full control over missile behaviour, design your own balistic pattern, spawn method, trajectory, impact effects and more !

Designed to be reusable to mix and match ! Create many different abilities in minutes !

explosion inspector.png

Made for Designers

Unleash your creativity and design the perfect ability system without distraction.

No code needed.

But if you do know how... welcome to the dark side

Programmers will find that our code is designed with attention to details, simplicity and extensibility in mind. Do you know how to code? This tool will be best starting point you could ever ask.

Disclaimer : This module requires Game Creator 2 in order to work.

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